It covers all applications related to dental treatments. The main ones of these treatments are:

a- Composite Laminates: Composite laminate, without damaging the teeth; These are aesthetic and cosmetic restorations made with composite material on the front surfaces of the teeth in order to change the color and shape of the tooth, enlarge it or treat a defect and give the tooth an aesthetic appearance.

In the procedure:

We use Composite lamina when we need to change the color of the tooth, in aesthetic anterior tooth fillings, in cases with diastema, in the repair of decayed and broken teeth for any reason. The most important feature of this application is that it can be done in a single session and it is very economical.

b-Aesthetic Fillings: It is to obtain a more natural and aesthetic appearance by using a tooth-colored filling material with composite material on the teeth. The composite filling hardens with halogen light and is chemically bonded to the tooth. It is much longer lasting, aesthetic and healthy than amalgam fillings.

c-Ceramic Inlay and onlay fillings: Here, we benefit from these restorations when excessive material is lost and large caries occur. Inlays and onlays are a solution between fillings and crowns.

Inlays or onlays are used in cases where there is not enough tooth structure to support the filling and the tooth is not damaged enough to be covered with a crown. They are porcelain-based dental fillings prepared by a dental technician in the laboratory.