The endodontic method is a method of freezing the tooth. Generally, the aim in endodontics is to save the tooth from extraction. Instead of pulling out a diseased or damaged tooth, a dentist performs root canal treatment to keep the tooth in the mouth for a long time.

In cases where the pulp of the teeth (living tissue containing the vascular nerve package) causes infection due to untreated caries, in case of fracture, cracking, trauma and damage to the pulp by previous fillings, in cases where the pulp is damaged as a result of tooth grinding, in prosthetic restorations of crooked teeth. Root canal treatment may be required.

With the developing technology, root canal treatment has ceased to be a painful and feared treatment. Under local anesthesia, the pulp tissue of the tooth is reached and the root lengths are measured with electronic instruments called Apex locator, reducing the number of radiographs taken during the treatment. The canal is shaped and filled quickly, comfortably and adequately with rotary instrument systems.

In our clinic, we also perform RESECTION, which is an endodontic surgical procedure. It is a surgical procedure performed when root canal treatment is not sufficient or appropriate. It is the surgical removal of the infected root tip.

In addition, retreatment treatment is also applied in our clinic. This treatment is the process of renewing the root canal treatment in cases where we think that the root canal fillings are bad and unhealthy, and in case of inflammation or abscess formation under a root canal treatment and pain.

As Akdeniz Şifa Dental Clinic, we ensure that the treatment achieves optimum success by applying the latest technology in our root canal treatments.