Lamina means paper in Latin. It is applied when there are color differences in the teeth, cracks and fractures of the teeth, and color changes resulting from the filling, in addition to split teeth (space closure).
Aesthetic application can be made by placing porcelain paper only on the front surface of the teeth instead of giving the shape of the cut and abraded tooth on all sides and as an alternative to orthodontics in correcting crooked and crooked teeth.
So that it is considered a very preventive prosthetic application where 0.3 – 0.7 mm is cut from the shape of the tooth and since it does not contain metal in its infrastructure only the porcelain itself, thus providing a natural and cosmetic smile and in this way your teeth can be whitened, and the gaps between the teeth can be closed and you can get a beautiful smile.
The laminate is highly resistant to abrasion and its surfaces are perfectly smooth, thus there is no discolouration that may occur due to cigarettes or similar reasons.
Since a special material is used as an adhesive during the procedure, the veneer cannot fall off or separate from the tooth surface for any reason.