Under the name of jaw surgery;

 -Implant surgery; Surgical techniques used for new bone formation were mentioned.

-In endodontics; in the treatment of apical resection,

-In Periodontology; in gingivectomy operations,

– In orthodontics; in the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, canine (canine) teeth and premolar teeth that cannot be performed with orthodontic treatment,

-Surgical shots; If an impacted tooth has not yet erupted enough, we need to remove the gingiva or bone so that it can be extracted. This is called surgical extraction. Stitches are required for the area to be closed properly and healed. Sometimes, there may be cases where tooth extractions turn into surgical extractions. If the tooth did not come out completely during extraction, the procedure is continued with surgical extraction.

Wisdom teeth are usually extracted by surgical extraction. Extraction of teeth with excessive substance loss, root tips, or teeth with long curved roots may require surgical extraction. There may be cases where the bone around the tooth becomes dense and this results in surgical treatment.