In order to design a special smile for the patient and by evaluating the relationship between the aesthetic parameters such as lips, gums, teeth, and the color of the tissues surrounding the lips, separately and with each other, which is in line with the special requests of people including : porcelain, Emax or zirconium crowns, Teeth whitening with bonding systems or all of them, these are some of the methods we use to design a smile in our clinic : 

1- Treatment through porcelain (laminate) lenses, which can be applied in cases where the structural shape of the tooth is not smooth and separated and it is not possible to obtain a sufficient whitening effect. 

2- Porcelain and zirconium crowns (combinations) are applied to strengthen and extend the life of the teeth and to add a natural appearance in cases where there are : Teeth erosion and the loss of materials in them for various reasons on the teeth with excessive discoloration, on the implants, on the teeth with damaged structure , and in bridge fixtures. 

3- In cases where there are gaps between the teeth in patients, esthetic filling procedures, which is the process of filling these gaps with fillings without harming the teeth (bonding).

4- Bleaching of teeth that have lost their whiteness :

White teeth alone are not enough to achieve a beautiful smile. In addition to whiteness, the healthy appearance of the gums and the proportion of teeth are also important. With Smile Design, it aims to achieve a perfect smile by ensuring the harmony of the gums, teeth and lips. 

1- Laminate Veneer (Porcelain Paper) :  

Lamina means paper in Latin. It is applied when there are color differences in the teeth, cracks and fractures of the teeth, and color changes resulting from the filling, in addition to split teeth (space closure). 

 Aesthetic application can be made by placing porcelain paper only on the front surface of the teeth instead of giving the shape of the cut and abraded tooth on all sides and as an alternative to orthodontics in correcting crooked and crooked teeth. 

So that it is considered a very preventive prosthetic application where 0.3 – 0.7 mm is cut from the shape of the tooth and since it does not contain metal in its infrastructure only the porcelain itself, thus providing a natural and cosmetic smile and in this way your teeth can be whitened, and the gaps between the teeth can be closed and you can get a beautiful smile. 

The laminate is highly resistant to abrasion and its surfaces are perfectly smooth, thus there is no discolouration that may occur due to cigarettes or similar reasons. 

Since a special material is used as an adhesive during the procedure, the veneer cannot fall off or separate from the tooth surface for any reason. 

2- Zirconium crowns (combinations) :  

Zirconium is a naturally occurring chemical element that is part of the non-metallic veneers group and provides a more natural appearance compared to metal-reinforced composites. Because the light transmittance is higher than that of a metal-reinforced coating, it does not create the darkening on the gum and on the gum edge, which may be possible on metal-enameled fixtures in the future. It does not cause problems such as black reflection, in addition to the dull appearance of the teeth and disappears due to the light transmittance of zirconium, and a more healthy, transparent and natural appearance is obtained as the teeth take the closest appearance to the original. It is an ideal type of dental treatment for patients with metal sensitivity, it is permanent . It reduces staining caused by smoking or other reasons, does not cause bad breath, does not cause gum problems, and does not cause changes in the sense of taste in the mouth. 

Zirconium is frequently used in dentistry due to its low diameter, high tensile strength and aesthetic infrastructure, it is very resistant to temperature and abrasion. 

Thanks to innovations in the field of dentistry, zirconium is preferred for dental prostheses today. While in the past dental treatment was performed using porcelain fittings, today the use of zirconium dental fittings has started to increase in recent years. Zirconium is a coating material that is replacing porcelain in today’s dental world. Zirconium, which gives teeth a more natural appearance than porcelain, is a preferred coating method by many dentists. 

Emax crowns (combinations) :  

Means maximum cosmetic. It can be called the best porcelain combination. The biggest advantage of this application is that no metal is used. Thus, a natural and transparent appearance is obtained and its surface is protected from stains and plaque formation. 

Since it does not contain metal, it does not cause allergic reactions, there is no purple color formation on the gums and the edges of the teeth, it does not harm the structure of the teeth, and the substances in its content are the most compatible with the teeth.Because it has light transmittance, it does not have a matte appearance, the color options are very large, and the tooth structure is slippery and smooth. For this reason, the formation of plaque is almost minimal, and this prevents the occurrence of periodontal disorders. IMAX dental implants are mainly applied to the front incisors. Since Emax veneers are weaker than zirconium veneers in terms of durability, zirconium veneers are preferred for posterior region teeth. 

Emax is a homogeneous monolithium ceramic material. The light transmittance is higher than that of zirconium. Therefore, it is more natural and cosmetic than zirconium, and it has a glass structure, and since it is not as durable as zirconium, it is preferable to install zirconium in areas where there is a lot of pressure on the teeth. 

Porcelain crowns :  

Porcelain is a dental crowning technique obtained from porcelain and produced to cover the original tooth surface. Porcelain teeth are a treatment method that is applied to get rid of the problems that occur in the teeth and give people a cosmetic smile of the best quality. 

The porcelain composition is less likely for patients who care more about aesthetic appearance. Because its light transmittance is lower compared to zirconium and Emax, it cannot reflect the natural color of teeth. This makes them pale in color and cannot show the natural image, especially in the front teeth. 

Since they are metal-backed coatings, their durability is good.  

Electronic Teeth Whitening :  

Laser teeth whitening is the latest technology for teeth whitening, and this technique is currently considered one of the latest technologies in permanent teeth whitening. The laser teeth whitening process we use today does not damage the surface and enamel of the teeth.  

Teeth whitening treatments with a very high success rate can damage your teeth if not performed by a dentist. Laser teeth whitening is the lightening of the color of the teeth using chemicals. Since the teeth are likely to be affected by colored materials from the outside for 15 days after the laser whitening procedure, be careful not to consume colored foods and drinks. In our clinic, we safely and successfully apply the whitening process, which offers perfect whitening.