Zirconium is a naturally occurring chemical element that is part of the non-metallic veneers group and provides a more natural appearance compared to metal-reinforced composites. Because the light transmittance is higher than that of a metal-reinforced coating, it does not create the darkening on the gum and on the gum edge, which may be possible on metal-enameled fixtures in the future. It does not cause problems such as black reflection, in addition to the dull appearance of the teeth and disappears due to the light transmittance of zirconium, and a more healthy, transparent and natural appearance is obtained as the teeth take the closest appearance to the original. It is an ideal type of dental treatment for patients with metal sensitivity, it is permanent . It reduces staining caused by smoking or other reasons, does not cause bad breath, does not cause gum problems, and does not cause changes in the sense of taste in the mouth.
Zirconium is frequently used in dentistry due to its low diameter, high tensile strength and aesthetic infrastructure, it is very resistant to temperature and abrasion.
Thanks to innovations in the field of dentistry, zirconium is preferred for dental prostheses today. While in the past dental treatment was performed using porcelain fittings, today the use of zirconium dental fittings has started to increase in recent years. Zirconium is a coating material that is replacing porcelain in today’s dental world. Zirconium, which gives teeth a more natural appearance than porcelain, is a preferred coating method by many dentists.